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Cellulose Insulation is an effective and environmentally friendly insulation option.

Are you looking for a dependable insulation option with less impact on the environment? Cellulose insulation is typically made from recycled paper products and requires less energy to produce than fiberglass insulation, making it one of the eco-friendliest insulation choices. Cellulose is also treated with non-toxic compounds to resist fire, insects and mold. The best part is that you are not sacrificing quality or effectiveness in order to go greener with this insulation. Cellulose insulation has conductive ratings between R-3 and R-4.

Cellulose Insulation in Memphis, Tennessee

If you are looking for an insulation upgrade in an existing structure, cellulose insulation is a great option, as the loose material is blown in. This makes it easier to get the insulation between walls or in tight, hard-to-reach areas. The material can be densely packed and helps create a quieter home with decreased noise pollution.

If you think cellulose insulation is the right choice for you, reach out to us at 31-W Insulation. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to answer any questions you may have. We always take the time to inform you as best as we can so you can make the right insulation decision for your home. Once your decision has been made, we’ll get straight to work on installing your cellulose insulation with precision and skill. We show up on time and work hard to get the job done efficiently. We also use only reliable products from trusted, reputable manufacturers. To learn more about your insulation options in Memphis, Tennessee, reach out to us today.

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