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Gas logs give you the appearance of a wood fireplace without the smoke and soot.

There’s nothing quite like the appeal of a fireplace to instantly warm and charm a room! With a crackling fire and the soothing heat that it emits, fireplaces are on many homebuyers’ potential wish lists. Once you have decided to have a fireplace installed, one of the next decisions you’ll need to make is what type of fireplace to get. Here at 31-W Insulation, we find that many people are split between the convenience of a gas fireplace and the look of a wood log fireplace. Gas logs are a great solution to get the convenience of gas with the clean, realistic view of a wood fireplace.

Gas Logs

Gas logs are designed and manufactured to mimic real logs as closely as possible. What’s more, you can actually request certain types of wood logs to be copied. If you want to have a pine-log fire from your childhood or an oak-log fire that is in your area, we can source gas logs to look like the different types of wood that you would like. Gas logs are actually made of ceramic, which makes them both durable and able to withstand the extreme temperatures of a fireplace without breaking or cracking.

You can have your gas logs set up in a variety of ways in order to mimic the wood-burning aura that you’re looking for. Gas logs can come in a straight and solid pattern or set up in a vented fashion to create a firepit-type style of fireplace.

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Gas Logs

At 31-W Insulation, we understand that it can feel a bit overwhelming to delve into a new product at your home. If you have recently decided to add a gas fireplace for its aesthetic value and as a backup heat source, we recognize that you might be uncertain about which gas logs to use. That is why we employ people who have the expertise you need. We are happy to discuss the different types and the advantages of each with you, so you can feel completely confident about your purchase. Here are a few of the things to consider when purchasing gas logs.

  1. Fuel Type- Gas logs come in natural gas and propane styles, so you’ll need to know if you already have a natural gas line or if you’ll be installing a propane tank and need propane gas logs instead.
  2. Size- You want your gas logs to match the size of the fireplace, leaving enough room for air flow so that the gas valve doesn’t overheat. Provide us with the measurements (front width, depth, back width, and height of opening), the fuel type, and how you’ll control the fireplace, and we’ll be happy to assist you with the size of gas logs that will work for your situation.
  3. Shape & Style- Consider the various viewing angles of your fireplace when selecting gas logs. For example, a see-thru fireplace will need gas logs that look natural from both sides.
  4. Aesthetics- There are gas logs of every imaginable appearance you can think of that mimic certain types of wood, variations of burn marks, stacking style, and more. Select gas logs that you feel look the most realistic to you or appeal to what you think of when you want to sit in front of a fireplace. 

To learn more about the gas logs we have here at 31-W Insulation, please give us a call today!

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