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We exclusively offer shower enclosures that have been engineered to stand the test of time.

Shower EnclosuresShower enclosures can make or break a bathroom’s aesthetic. Cracked glass, damaged frames, and outdated styles can make even the most beautifully designed bathrooms unsightly. If your shower enclosure is detracting from your bathroom’s décor, turn to us at 31-W Insulation for a gorgeous new enclosure that will take your bathroom from drab to fab.

We offer several styles of shower enclosures, including:

  • Hinged door enclosures
  • Fixed panel enclosures
  • Sliding door enclosures
  • Bypass door enclosures

Many of these styles are available with or without frames and can be manufactured from various types of glass. By selecting the style, type of glass, and other details, including hardware, you can design a shower enclosure that perfectly suits your aesthetic preferences.

Key Reasons to Consider Shower Enclosures

At 31-W Insulation, we take pride in helping our customers achieve a beautiful and functional bathroom. One suggestion we often make is to install, upgrade, or replace shower enclosures. There are several reasons why this improvement is one you should consider for your home. Here are the key reasons to consider shower enclosures:

  • Added Value- Any improvement you can make to your home that is popular with the majority of potential buyers will benefit you when you are selling your home. Shower enclosures can transform a bathroom and make it irresistible to buyers. The value they bring to your enjoyment may not have a dollar sign, but is no less important.
  • Safety- Older models of shower enclosures may not have the safety features that new ones do. In addition, if you have one and it is damaged, it could put you and your family at risk for an injury.
  • Cleanliness- Shower curtains may be cost-effective, but they are very challenging to keep clean. Shower enclosures, on the other hand, are easy to clean and keep germ-free.
  • Functionality- The right shower enclosure can have a big impact on the functionality of your bathroom. For example, if you have been struggling with a hinged door that is always in the way, consider a sliding door or another type instead.
  • Contain Moisture- While bathrooms are notorious for being wet and humid, you can reduce that with shower enclosures that contain the water and moisture more effectively.

We are proud to use shower enclosure products from Quality Enclosures Inc. and Coastal Industries Inc. You can rest assured that your new enclosure will maintain a like-new appearance for many years to come because we exclusively offer shower enclosures that have been engineered to stand the test of time. In fact, we’re committed to using only the finest building materials for all of our customers’ home improvement projects. In addition to shower enclosures, we install door hardware, closet organizers, bathroom mirrors, garage doors, and countless other home remodeling products.

If you’d like more information about our home improvement services, contact us today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

31w also offer shower enclosures in many states throughout the Southeastern portion of the U.S. Read more about our services in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Texas.