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Our team can offer a number of expert garage door tips to help you keep your garage at peak operating condition.

Here at 31-W Insulation, we want to help you keep every part of your home in good condition. This is easier for some parts of your home than for others, as areas and fixtures that go relatively undisturbed will wear out faster than those that see a lot of use. One fixture that definitely sees a lot of use, and will thus need more attention in order to keep it in good repair, is the garage door. Fortunately, our team at 31-W Insulation can provide some expert garage door tips that will help you keep yours in good working order.

Garage Door Tips

The first of our garage door tips is simply to pay attention as it operates day to day. Is your garage door moving smoothly, or is it jerking? Are there any unusual sounds, such as grinding or scraping? Are both sides moving in tandem, or is the bottom developing a slant? Another thing to pay attention to is the tightness of the hardware. The average garage door moves up and down more than a thousand times per year, and the repetitive motion will loosen up the workings over time. If this happens to your garage door, our team at 31-W Insulation can come tighten things up for you.

One final garage door tip is to have your rollers regularly inspected and replaced as necessary. This is another service that our team at 31-W Insulation can provide. We want to help you keep every part of your home operating as it should, so if you are experiencing problems with your garage door, don’t hesitate to give us a call for some garage door tips.

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