We offer multiple customization options for mirrors of all sizes.

GardnerLogoBlackThe mirrors in your bathroom can either make the space appear outdated and drab or modern, stylish, and charming. The choice is up to you, so if you’re ready to update the mirrors in your home, our team at 31-W Insulation is your top source for quality mirrors sourced from a quality manufacturer. We work with homeowners, contractors, and builders, so no matter the size of your order or scope of your project, we are eager to form a partnership with you.

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One of the main perks of ordering your mirrors from us is that your customization options are nearly limitless. Our mirrors come from Gardner (a leading supplier of glass products here in the U.S.), and you can choose everything from the size and shape of the mirror to its thickness and framing. We are also happy to offer our design advice if you could benefit from some additional guidance, as we have years of experience updating mirrors during renovations and installing new ones.

When it comes time for installation, our team takes over and handles everything with expertise. We rely on best practices to ensure your new mirrors not only get installed in the right spot, but are also placed securely.

When you need new mirrors for renovating, updating, or building, choosing to work with us at 31-W Insulation is one of the best choices you can make. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today by giving us a call. We can’t wait to get started!


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