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These garage door tips can help you with your everyday garage door use.

Your garage door is the largest and most often-used door in your household. Because it is an important staple of your daily life, you’ll want to make sure that it is working properly. Here at 31-W Insulation, we recognize the importance of a garage door to the average homeowner as well as the commercial business owner in Columbus, Ohio, and we have a few garage door tips that we hope will keep your garage door working well for years to come.

Garage Door Tips in Columbus, Ohio

First, always keep safety at the top of your priority list. This means that you need to regularly test all the safety features that come with your garage door, including things like automatic reversal and, if your door has this feature, pinch avoidance safety features. Testing the safety features can ensure that your door is working as it should, which can be a load off your mind.

Second, teach your children proper respect for the garage door. While it might seem like fun to play the hero who ducks and rolls under the closing door, that is unsafe and incredibly dangerous. Also let them know that the garage door is not a toy and needs to be treated as such. Of all the injuries that occur with garage doors, many of them occur to children.

Finally, make sure that you keep your garage door is kept secure from prying eyes and only allowed entrance to those that you have given permission.

We have lots of garage door tips that we would love to share with you. If you have questions about our garage door tips, please contact us at 31-W Insulation today. 

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