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We would love to tell you about the many foam insulation benefits available to you.

Insulation is something that most of us have, and yet most of us could use more of! Insulation is almost always installed at the bare minimum, meaning the least amount of material that is required by laws and city codes. Because of this, many homes and other types of properties around the Bessemer, Alabama area could be far more comfortable, save money on utilities and experience other insulating advantages if they would have the right amount of insulation installed. Once you decide that you need more insulation, you need to figure out the different types of insulation. Foam insulation is a great form of insulation and comes with many foam insulation benefits, including:

Foam Insulation Benefits in Bessemer, Alabama

  • Tight Seals- Because foam insulation can fill a space to capacity, you don’t have any settling or gaps like you would with other types of insulation. Foam insulation will tightly seal all sorts of spaces.
  • Installation Ease- A huge advantage of foam insulation is that you don’t need a lot of time or manpower to install it. Foam insulation can be sprayed into all sorts of tight areas and it will expand to fill the space. This makes it great for awkward, tight spaces or in existing spaces, like walls, that need more insulation.
  • Mold and Pest Resistant- There is nothing delicious to pests about foam insulation, which makes the fact that it is both mold and pest resistant a leading foam insulation benefit! Pests ignore it and because foam insulation seals out moisture, there is nothing for mold to grow on either.

We offer quality products from Johns Manville, Demilec USA, and Icynene. If you’d like to learn more about foam insulation benefits, please contact us today at 31-W Insulation! We would love to talk with you further about this topic.

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