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When people think of insulation, the image that’s most likely to spring to their mind is large rolls of the pinkish fiberglass stuff. While this type of traditional fiberglass insulation is still widely used, other types of insulation are also gaining popularity. One of those alternatives is foam insulation, which we at 31-W Insulation are proud to offer at our facilities. To help you decide whether this option is right for you, we’ll be going over some key foam insulation benefits in this article.

Foam Insulation Benefits in Haslet, Texas

One of the main spray foam insulation benefits is its ability to create a completely airtight seal. With traditional roll insulation, even when installed well, there’s still a possibility that there might be small gaps between the edges, or that gaps will form over time as the insulation ages. Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, is applied to a surface in a semi-liquid form, with then expands as it dries, filling any gaps and creating an impenetrable air barrier. Depending on the specific type of foam you select, you can also reap the foam insulation benefits of a similarly watertight seal, as well as its effectiveness as a sound barrier. Our foam insulation products come from high-quality manufacturers including Johns Manville, Demilec USA, and Icynene. If you are interested in what foam insulation can do for your home or business, we at 31-W Insulation encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more.

Our team here at 31-W Insulation is proud to serve the Haslet, Texas, community, and we want to help you make your property the best it can be. Give us a call if you want to learn more about our foam insulation benefits.

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