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We will give you an honest assessment as to whether insulation replacement is the best course of action for your home.

One of the questions we get asked quite often here at 31-W Insulation by our customers in the Indianapolis, Indiana area is, “How do I know whether I need to add more insulation or get insulation replacement?” You can rest assured that when we inspect a home’s insulation, we provide an honest assessment about the condition of the current insulation and provide sound reasons why we recommend one option over the other. Putting our customers’ interests first is one of the ways we have grown since our inception in 1972 to have 48 locations in 12 states. The other is having exceptional insulation products to choose from and installing them with care and attention to detail.

Insulation Replacement in Indianapolis, Indiana

There are several situations where we will recommend insulation replacement over simply adding more insulation, including if the current insulation contains asbestos. If your home was built before 1980, it is possible it has asbestos insulation. It isn’t a problem when undisturbed, but we wouldn’t want to put more insulation on it and turn it into a health hazard. In addition, removal of the asbestos insulation can give you peace of mind and allow you to market your home in the future as asbestos-free.

Another situation is if water intrusion has damaged the current insulation or if it has been damaged in another way, such as by a rodent infestation. We also recommend insulation replacement after a fire as insulation retains smoke which can affect indoor air quality. Finally, settling is an issue with some older types of insulation and it can be very ineffective to cover it and still expect to get a good R-value result.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if your home needs insulation replacement and to get answers to any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Outside of Indiana, 31w also offer insulation replacement in many states throughout the Southeastern portion of the U.S. Read more about our services in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Texas.