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Spray foam insulation is fantastic for homeowners and contractors seeking maximum energy efficiency.

There are many great insulation choices available on the market, but spray foam insulation is one of the best choices if you’re looking to make your residential or commercial property as energy efficient as possible.

Spray Foam Insulation in Columbia, South Carolina

So, what exactly is spray foam insulation? Spray foam insulation is comprised of polyol resin and isocyanate. These two liquids are combined on site by a professional insulation contractor to create foam, which they then spray into walls or other areas that need insulation.

There are two types of spray foam insulation: open- and closed-cell. The first type is a much lighter foam that expands further to fill hard-to-reach gaps and spaces. It also helps manage moisture by allowing water to move through it without soaking it up and without encouraging mold growth. On the other hand, closed-cell foam is denser. It doesn’t expand as much as open-cell foam, but it has one of the highest R-values of any insulation material, which means its thermal resistance is very high. Despite the differences between these two types of spray foam insulation, either is a great choice because they both create an airtight seal that does a terrific job of keeping a building energy efficient.

At 31-W Insulation, we have been serving customers in Columbia, South Carolina for many years. We are the company for you if you need spray foam insulation services. With 50 years of experience, we have been around long enough to see the introduction of spray foam insulation in this industry and how it has made a huge difference in the energy efficiency of various buildings.

If you have questions about whether spray foam insulation is right for you, we would be happy to discuss it with you during a complimentary consultation. Using the best products from leading manufacturers, including Johns Manville, Demilec USA, and Icynene, we are confident that we can help you meet your insulation objectives.

Right here in South Carolina, we also offer Spray Foam Insulation in Greenville, Summerville, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and North Charleston. 31-W is also proud to serve many states throughout the Southeastern portion of the U.S. Read more about our services in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Texas.


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