Why Jackson Homeowners are Installing Foam Insulation in their Homes

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foam-insulation-jackson-tnFoam insulation is a popular alternative to other types of insulating materials, and many homeowners in Jackson, TN, are choosing it over traditional rolls and batts. Why? The reason is simple – foam can enter cracks and crevices better than any other type of insulation, penetrating openings and creating a tight seal.

But what does this mean in the long run? It means:

  • Lower energy bills – Because this insulation fills tiny cracks and crevices in structures to reduce air infiltration, homeowners discover that their heating and cooling bills are considerably lower than before.
  • Reduced noise, pollutants, and allergens – Foam insulation prevents environmental elements from entering houses, resulting in less dust, pollen, and other allergens that can have a hazardous impact on the health of residents.
  • Increased re-sale value of homes – Many homeowners find that the initial cost of installing foam insulation is absorbed by the increase in home value after installing high-quality insulation.

As beneficial as this insulation can be for reducing energy consumption, making homes quieter and improving air quality, it’s extremely important that it is installed correctly. There are quite a few things that can go wrong if the insulation is not installed properly, including sealed in moisture which can lead to mold problems. Inexperienced installers have also been known to spray too much insulation inside walls which can make them buckle or warp.  31-W Insulation has 40 years of experience and training, giving homeowners comfort in knowing that their foam insulation will be installed safely, correctly, and efficiently.

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