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Traditional batt insulation still has many great applications for your newly built home or business.

While other types of insulation have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years, batt insulation is still very common in newly built residential and commercial buildings. There are many good reasons for this continued popularity. Batt insulation comes in rolls of various sizes and is a very cost-effective option for insulating your building. It is key that this type of insulation is installed properly to seal any gaps to maximize the energy efficiency of your building in Henderson, Kentucky.

Batt Insulation in Henderson, Kentucky

Batt insulation has been used since the 1930s because it is moisture resistant, fire resistant and provides excellent acoustic control. Just like other insulation types have become more environmentally friendly, batt insulation is now often made with recycled material, up to 80%. It doesn’t settle over time like other types can and maintains its R-value over time as long as it is installed properly and not compressed at all. Because of its high R-value, it can help you reach your energy-efficiency goals and keep your heating and cooling costs lower.

One thing to know about batt insulation is that it is most effective when installed during the construction process. It would be pretty hard to go back and retrofit a home with batt insulation later on. If you need insulation for your new construction property, give us a call at 31-W Insulation. We can talk about your goals, your budget and other details of your construction. We can offer information about your insulation options and provide expert installation services no matter what type you choose. Call us today.

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