Why Every Home Deserves a Wood-Burning Fireplace

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Many homeowners choose to have a secondary heat source in their homes. There are many reasons to want a secondary heat source. Some homeowners want one for comfort. Others want one for looks. One common and popular secondary heat source is a wood-burning fireplace. A wood-burning fireplace has many advantages and benefits:

  • Protection – One huge benefit of a wood-burning fireplace in your home is protection against the cold and dark during a power outage. Your home will be able to stay warm and semi-lit even during a complete power outage.

Why Every Home Deserves a Wood-Burning Fireplace

  • Lower Utility Bills – During the colder months a wood-burning fireplace will help lower your utility bills because your furnace won’t have to work as hard to heat your home.
  • Central Point – A wood-burning fireplace is a natural centerpiece to any room. It is where eyes are naturally drawn and where families gather. The natural beauty of a wood-burning fireplace will add character and interest to your home.
  • Home Value – Wood-burning fireplaces will help to increase your home’s value. Wood-burning fireplaces are a feature that draws home buyers in.
  • Easy Maintenance – A wood-burning fireplace requires very minimal upkeep. The only real maintenance you will need to do is remove some soot from the bottom of the firebox.

The beauty, warmth, light, and easy maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace makes it the perfect feature for any home. When you are ready to experience the many benefits of a wood-burning fireplace give us a call at 31-W Insulation.