We Are Your Source for Exceptional Electric Fireplace Products in the Clarksville Area

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Electric Fireplace Clarksville TNPurchasing a fireplace for a home is significant investment. You will want to make sure that you select a fireplace that will operate at its best for many years and enhance the appearance of the room you have it installed in. With an electric fireplace from 31-W Insulation, you’ll accomplish both. We’ll help you choose the fireplace that meets your aesthetic and budget goals, and then install it for you at your Clarksville-area home. Our company sends out our own professional installers – not subcontractors – for every project, so you can look forward to a quick and flawless installation.

Easy-to-Use and –Maintain Fireplaces

You can choose from several different styles of fireplaces when you turn to 31-W Insulation, but they’re all produced by the industry leader Astria Fireplaces®. Once you electric fireplace is installed and plugged in, you’ll simply have to turn it on and enjoy. Every model we offer produces 5,000 BTUs of heat, and the flames can even be customized by selecting the flame height and color that you would like. They also come with split log sets and fake embers to give the look of a traditional fireplace.

The only thing that you’ll missing out on when you choose an electric fireplace is the maintenance and cleaning associated with a regular fireplace. You won’t have to worry about clearing away ashes after you’re finished with the fire or with cleaning a chimney. In fact, you can have an electric fireplace even if you don’t have a chimney. You’ll also save time and money because you won’t need any wood for the fire.

An electric fireplace from 31-W Insulation is a great way to keep your Clarksville-area home warm on a cold winter day. Contact us today to learn more about the options we have available.