Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Garage Doors

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Your garage doors go up and down hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of times per year! With all that use, it’s inevitable a day will come that your garage doors will do less going up and down and more getting stuck and malfunctioning. To prolong the inevitable and keep your garage doors in good shape on a long-term basis, we recommend the following:

  • Keep an Eye (and an Ear) Out—One of the best things you can do for your garage doors to keep them running smoothly is simply to look and listen for any abnormalities. For example, if your garage door starts making odd creaking or grinding sounds, it’s a good idea to have things checked out.

Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Garage Doors

  • Check on Your Door’s Balance—A garage door that isn’t balanced stands only a small chance of working like it should. You can check your door’s balance by pulling the red cord (or release handle) and moving the door to a halfway position. If your garage door doesn’t stay up there, you need to call in a professional.
  • Inspect Your Weather-stripping—Take a look at your weather-stripping every once in a while and look for areas where the seal may have gotten brittle. Replacing it is an easy project and one that can help you enhance your home’s overall efficiency.
  • Clear Out the Tracks—All kinds of debris and materials can get stuck in your garage door tracks over time. Now and then, spend some time clearing out this debris and clearing out anything that could get in the way of your garage door working.

Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Garage Doors