The Easier Way to Clean Your Blinds

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You’re pretty good about keeping dust bunnies at bay throughout your house, but when it comes to dusting your blinds, that’s one chore you’d rather not deal with. However, if the dust is starting to get to you and you’re ready to give your blinds a thorough clean, we have a hack you’ve probably never heard of that will make cleaning your blinds a breeze!

The Easier Way to Clean Your Blinds

All you’ll need to clean your blinds using this method is an old sock and a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Put the sock over your hand (think sock puppet status) and dip it in the solution of water and vinegar. Then, use your hand to wipe down both sides of your blinds. Simply let your blinds air dry after you’re done and enjoy having them dust-free (at least for a little while)!

If you’d rather stick to a more traditional method, we suggest using a microfiber cloth and a vacuum attachment to clean your blinds. Start at the top of your blinds and using the microfiber cloth, go horizontally across each individual slat. Then, close your blinds in the other direction and repeat the process. Once you’re done, vacuum up any remaining dust with your vacuum attachment.

Are your blinds getting old, and no amount of dusting and cleaning makes them look any more appealing? Turn to us at 31-W Insulation! We can help you pick out new blinds for your home and take care of the install work for you.