How to Declutter a Closet

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This time you mean it. You’re going to organize your closet properly once and for all. No more pushing and pulling through hanging clothes to find something to wear. No more arranging and re-arranging rows of shoes to make space that never seems adequate. The challenge is: Where do you begin?

How to Declutter a Closet

Ask Yourself a Question

Look at the clothes and shoes in your closet. Is there anything you no longer wear – whether because it no longer fits, is smelly, stained, or out of style? Be honest with yourself. Sort items into three piles – keep, toss, and maybe.

Put the Keep Pile Back

Clean the items in the keep pile if necessary and return them to your closet, neat and organized. Leave spaces between items if you can.

Box the Toss Pile

Put the toss pile into different boxes – items you want to donate, items you want to give to family or friends, items for a yard sale.

Tackle the Maybe Pile

Put the maybe pile into a box, or however many boxes you need. Label the boxes and store them somewhere other than your closet. If in six months you haven’t used any of these boxed items, then you should get rid of them.

A Few More Tips

Keep your floor as clear as possible for easy cleaning and a more uncluttered look. Also, if you store items in a container, use a clear one and label it. This just makes it simpler to find things when you need them.

How to Declutter a Closet

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