How to Clean Your Blinds Like a Professional

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Blinds are essential in any home. They work to keep out the sun, help to insulate your home, provide privacy, and protect your home furnishings from sun damage. Like everything else in your home, every so often your blinds need a good deep clean. If you are due (or overdue) to clean your blinds, you are in luck! In the article below, we have provided you some tips on how to clean your blinds like a professional.

Blinds are essential in any home

The best method to clean your blinds will depend on the type of blinds you have. Common types of blinds are plastic blinds and wooden blinds.

To clean plastic blinds, first use a cloth (we recommend a microfiber cloth if you have one) to remove as much dust as possible. If you have more dust than a simple cloth can handle, an additional step can be to remove dust from your blinds with a hand-held vacuum. Next, fill your bathtub with warm water, remove your blinds, and let your blinds soak in the tub for one hour. After the hour is up, remove your blinds from the tub, wipe off the excess water, and allow your blinds to completely dry before rehanging them in your window.

To clean wood blinds, start as you would with plastic blinds and remove as must dust as possible with a dry cloth and/or a hand-held vacuum. With a specialized wood cleaner, wipe down each side of the blinds with the cleaner. Follow this step by wiping the blinds with a dry cloth.