Get Comfort and Convenience With a New Fireplace in Your Bowling Green Home

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Fireplace Bowling Green KYA wood-burning fireplace can lend a homely comfort to any room, but having one installed comes with challenges. For instance, if your Bowling Green, KY, residence has no chimney, it can be exorbitantly expensive to have one built. Secondly, a wood-burning fireplace requires you to collect or buy wood. And, after you’ve done that and gotten your fire started, you need to tend to it constantly to ensure that it’s burning safely. With a direct-vent fireplace from 31-W Insulation, you can avoid all these drawbacks.

Comfort with Convenience

31-W Insulation offers and install direct-vent fireplaces from FMI, a trusted brand in the industry. Unlike traditional fireplaces, our direct-vent fireplaces are powered by natural gas or propane, which means they won’t foul the air with smoke and leave you with a pile of ashes to remove. Because FMI fireplaces require no chimney, installation costs a fraction of the price when compared with built-in versions. Plus, operation is a breeze with a convenient remote control.

What’s more, our direct-vent fireplaces:

  • Feature beautiful aesthetics with concrete logs meticulously designed to look like real wood
  • Come with special engineering that makes them very energy efficient, which means they can keep your home warm while sparing you high energy costs
  • Will be installed by our factory-trained professionals – not subcontractors – to ensure strict adherence to our top-tier workmanship standards.

With 31-W Insulation as your partner, you can enjoy the warmth of a wood fire without the hassle. Contact us today to learn more about how a direct-vent fireplace can boost the comfort of your Bowling Green home.