Follow This Checklist to Get Ready for
Gutter Installation

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Are your gutters sagging, rotted, or just about to fall off your home? If so, you probably already have new gutter installation on your calendar, and at 31-W Insulation, we’re eager to help you with this project. At the same time, any home improvement project – gutter installation included – requires some preparation, so here are our recommendations for getting your home ready for new gutters.

new gutter installation

First, check for any water damage present near your roofline and around your soffits. If you do happen to find some mold or water damage near the areas where your old gutters existed, you need to get it taken care of before your new gutter installation takes place. If you install new gutters over water-damaged areas, you could be in for some expensive repairs later on.

Second, it might be tempting to wait until your new gutters are installed to do any painting, but this isn’t the best approach. Instead, fix any areas of chipped paint before gutter installation gets underway. If you’ve been thinking about adding new siding, before your new gutters are installed is also the best time to do it.

Third, think about where all that water your gutter system will drain away will go. If, for example, all the water goes directly to your garden, chances are that most of your plants will drown. If your gutters drain onto your driveway, you could be in for an icy surprise come winter. Talk to us about drainage solutions before we come and install your new gutter system for the best results.