Electric vs. Gas Fireplaces

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Electric vs. Gas FireplacesIf you are looking to add a fireplace to your home and do not already have an existing one, then we recommend that you choose either an electric or gas fireplace. Both offer the warm beauty of a fire without the costly and extensive installation of a chimney and firebox for a wood-burning fireplace. Below we will discuss some of the key differences between electric and gas fireplaces.

  • Cost to Operate – An electric fireplace will cost roughly $25 a year to run, while a gas fireplace will cost $60. One important thing to consider is that a gas fireplace will heat a room better than an electric fireplace.
  • Aesthetics – Both an electric and gas fireplace are attractive to look at. Both will look like a real fireplace. A gas fireplace will have an actual flame while an electric fireplace will not. This will often make a gas fireplace look more realistic over some electric fireplace models.
  • Installation – Installation for both types of fireplaces is pretty simple. A gas fireplace may take a few extra steps, like running a gas line to the unit and installing a small vent pipe. An electric fireplace just needs an outlet to plug into.
  • Heating Time – Both electric and gas fireplaces will produce heat once they are turned on. The gas fireplace will produce heat that can be felt farther away from the fireplace.

Both electric and gas fireplaces offer wonderful benefits to any home. We find them both great options and will recommend either. There are some instances where one is more ideal over the other. If you have any specific questions or concerns, we are happy to help you. Let our decades of experience assist you in getting the perfect fireplace for your home.