Custom Mirrors Can Help You Expand the Décor of Your Henderson Home

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Custom Mirrors Henderson KYWith the right custom mirrors, you can add an elegant touch to the indoor aesthetics of your home in Henderson, Kentucky, that will help brighten any room and give it a more spacious appearance. Whether you’d like a look that is sleek and modern or classical and refined, or anything in between, the right mirrors make it easy to enhance the decor of any room. In your search for custom mirrors for your home, it’s helpful to take into consideration where you’d like them to go and what look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re looking to add custom mirrors to your bathroom, you might prefer a more modern frame for a clean and sharp look, or even a full-sized mirror to fill the wall behind the sink. Or, if you want to fill the entryway of your Henderson, KY, home with light, a large, round mirror with a Victorian finish can add a stately appearance that softly reflects sunlight from the front door. You can even have long mirrors placed on the walls of your hallways to make your home feel more expansive or placed behind your bar for a vintage accent.

If you’re interested in having custom mirrors installed in your home, the experts at 31-W Insulation can help. We proudly sell and install mirrors from Gardner Glass Products, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our mirrors have no distortions that can mar your reflection – in fact, they create high-definition reflections that make colors look vibrant and skin tones look natural. We offer mirrors in any size up to 96 inches by 144 inches, with a variety of appealing finishes and borders to choose from for the perfect accent to your home.

To learn more about the custom mirrors we offer homeowners throughout Henderson, Kentucky, contact 31-W Insulation today.