Closet Organizers You Didn’t Know You Needed

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On a typical day, you start and end your day in your closet. You want your closet to be clean, organized, and easy to keep organized. While there are the typical closet accessories like hangers and laundry baskets, we have compiled some of our favorite closet organizers that you didn’t know you needed. Check out our list of closet organizers below to get some closet organizing inspiration.

One of the most genius closet organizers

  1. Stackable Storage Boxes: There are a wide variety of stackable storage boxes. These closet organizers range from seasonal clothing storage, sweater organizers, shoe boxes, and (our personal favorite) clear storage boxes that allow you to see exactly what is inside.
  2. Hanging Purse Organizers: If you have an ongoing love affair with handbags, these closet organizers are for you. Hanging purse organizers save on shelf space by storing your handbags in a plastic, vertical, storage container. A fringe benefit is that hanging purse organizers also protects your handbags from dust and debris.
  3. Cami Hangers: Unlike a traditional hanger that can only handle one item of clothing at a time, a cami hanger holds multiple camis at once. If you own multiple tank tops, this item could save you lots of space in your closet.
  4. Hanging Boot Organizers: One of the most genius closet organizers is the hanging boot organizer. This shoe rack allows you to clip boots at the top and then the boots hang straight up and down from the clips. This is helpful because it gives you more shoe storage space and keeps your boots in good shape.