7 Reasons Why Repairing Your Home’s Gutters as a DIY Project is a Bad Idea [infographic]

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Here at 31-W Insulation, we understand the desire to save money whenever possible when you are a homeowner. Hiring professionals for maintenance, repairs, and renovations can seem like an unnecessary expense, and it might be– IF you have the expertise and tools to handle everything yourself.  But if you don’t, many projects can become a nightmare if you attempt them on your own. When it comes to repairing or replacing your home’s gutters, you should know why this isn’t a good DIY project.

7 Reasons Why Repairing Your Home’s Gutters as a DIY Project is a Bad Idea [infographic]

1.  Ladder Issues- It might surprise you how often professionals fall off ladders when working on gutters, and the risk is even higher when you are doing it because you don’t have the same experience or knowledge of safety protocols. You won’t save money if you have to cover a hospital bill or have a loss of income while recuperating from a fall.

2.  Hidden Issues- Even cleaning out your gutters is not without risk, as any number of things can be lurking in your gutters. All it takes is an upset critter, sharp edge, or a rusty screw to ruin your day.

3.  Extra Costs- By the time you consider all the materials, tools, and other equipment you’d need to purchase to handle the gutter repair or replacement, you could potentially spend more than you would by hiring a professional.

4.  Material Quality- Professionals have access to materials that you won’t be able to obtain and can offer you a higher-quality result, such as seamless and custom gutters.

5.  Material Transport- Do you have a vehicle capable of transporting the materials from the store to your home? If you have to add a truck rental onto the cost, you will find your DIY project’s cost is less appealing than you initially thought.

6.  No Guarantee- If you mess up the installation of your gutters, you’ll be fitting the bill for more materials and any damage you did to your home. Leave it to the professionals to avoid damage in the first place, as well as take the liability off your hands.

7.  Time Spent- A professional will take care of your gutters in far less time than it will take you. Wouldn’t you rather use your available time for something fun anyhow?