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Make sure you’re able to open and shut your garage door without a problem.

Garage Door Openers in Bessemer, AlabamaWith the click of a button, your garage door magically opens and closes, or at least it feels this way. This is great until there comes a day when despite how many times you click that little button, your garage door just won’t budge or opens/shuts sporadically. When this happens, the best thing to do is call us at 31-W Insulation for expert help!

We work with garage door openers of all types here in the Bessemer, Alabama area. First and foremost, check the batteries in your remote before giving us a call. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick battery swap to get your garage door opener working again. If this doesn’t work, there could be something else going on, and we’ll investigate until we figure out what it is. Then, we’ll fix the problem quickly to get your garage door working right again.

In addition to fixing garage door openers, we can also equip your garage door system with a new opener. We’ll go over all the different types with you and make a recommendation based on factors like your usage needs, budget, performance expectations, technological requirements, etc.

We can service your entire garage door system, from the garage door openers you use daily to the tracks, cables, doors, and more. If you ever need help with any part of your garage door or want to replace your current garage door, call us! We want to be involved with your project from beginning to end.

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