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Let us evaluate if you have adequate home insulation.

If you own a home, you may be wondering if you have enough insulation or if the existing insulation is doing its job effectively. Here at 31-W Insulation, we offer a wide variety of home insulation options from industry-leading manufacturers and employ a team of expert installers to make sure your home insulation needs are met. We opened our business in 1972 and have grown from two locations to 48 locations across 12 states in the Southeastern United States and have over 600 dedicated employees.

Home Insulation in Conover, North Carolina

Sufficient home insulation is critical when it comes to ensuring you are getting the maximum energy savings. If your energy bill stays consistent over time and doesn’t seem to fluctuate much from year to year, your insulation is probably doing its job. If interior walls, ceilings, and floors feel dry and warm to the touch and your rooms are all the same temperature without feeling drafty, you have enough home insulation. But if you notice that your heating and air conditioning bill has increased, or you notice leaks in your attic, a rodent or pest infestation, or have encountered frozen pipes or ice dams, it is likely that your home insulation needs to be evaluated.

Adding or replacing home insulation will ensure the cost savings add up quickly when it comes to heating and cooling costs, so your investment can easily be recouped in a relatively short time. It will also help your HVAC equipment to last longer. If you are unsure if your home is properly insulated, we would appreciate the opportunity to come to your home and do a complimentary consultation. If we find that your insulation could use improvement, we would love to help you with your home insulation project in Conover, North Carolina. Please give us a call today!


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