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We can help you decide between the foam insulation choices available to you.

There are all sorts of insulation choices out there. We here at 31-W Insulation would know, since we think about insulation often as it is a big part of our business! While we don’t just offer insulation, we often get asked about the different types of insulation out there and the benefits of each different category and subcategory. At 31-W Insulation, we understand that not every type of insulation is ideally suited for every single property in the Bessemer, Alabama area, but foam insulation is a great material that works in many different places. There are two different foam insulation choices to choose from: closed cell and open cell.

Foam Insulation Choices in Bessemer, Alabama

When you look at closed cell foam insulation as one of your foam insulation choices, you are getting a material that is going to end up stiffer and with much smaller air bubbles moving through the foam insulation. When it comes to foam insulation choices, closed cell foam insulation is good for areas that go through extreme temperatures.

Open cell foam insulation, on the other hand, is a lighter and less dense form of foam insulation that works to expand into larger areas and fill the voids. This foam insulation choice insulates both air and sound due to its fluffy nature and is worth considering in areas like garages or in between walls.

If you have questions about foam insulation choices and which type of foam insulation choices would be best suited for your Bessemer property, come talk with us at 31-W Insulation today. We offer quality products from Johns Manville, Demilec USA, and Icynene.

Right here in Alabama, we also offer foam insulation choices in Huntsville. 31w is also proud to serve many states throughout the Southeastern portion of the U.S. Read more about our services in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Texas.