What Your Attic Insulation Is Trying to Tell You

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Attic insulation is an often overlooked part of a home’s overall energy efficiency. So what is the insulation in your attic trying to tell you? If your house is in a cold climate, keeping it warm in winter is expensive. If you live in a warm area of the country, you’ll feel the energy costs in summer.

What Your Attic Insulation Is Trying to Tell You

Your Attic Has No or Not Enough Insulation

Non-insulated or under-insulated attics say: “Insulate me right away to save money and energy for years to come.” Start with the attic floor if expenses are tight. Pull up the flooring and layer new insulation. You won’t be able to store items there, but your utility bills will be lower.

Your Attic Has Damaged Insulation

If your attic’s insulation is moldy, compressed, or water-stained, it’s saying, “I’m useless. Replace me.” Wet insulation indicates a more significant issue that you should resolve first. Water and insulation do not mix, so if a roof leak or pipe leak is causing the problem, only install new insulation once you fix the leak.

Bugs and rodents can make a home for themselves in gaps and holes in your insulation. If you have a pest problem in your attic, you’ll need to get rid of them and then replace your insulation.

Your Attic Has Toxic Insulation

Homeowners in a house built around 1990, your attic insulation may look lightweight and grainy with shiny dots. It could be vermiculite, which is found in mines with asbestos. Have the material tested for asbestos and professionally removed from your home.

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