Turn to Us for After-Paint Products to Fill In the Details You Don’t Want to Miss

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It’s finally here! Your build-out, remodel, renovations, or serious home repairs and improvements have been underway, and they are coming to a close. It’s time to round out your efforts with the finishing touches. The roof is shingled, but now you need new gutters. It’s time for after-paint products in the bathroom: It’s plumbed and tiled, but you are still looking for the fixtures that are just right for you, and you have just realized you still need to pick out a glass shower door. The new windows also need covering (an absolute must for the bathroom). Suddenly, the finishing touches can be sounding like a dozen new projects to be done.

after-paint products in the bathroom

We hope you haven’t spent too long in this state of worry because here at 31-W Insulation, we are a family-owned business that’s here to help you with all of these sorts of needs and more. We specialize in after-paint products such as shower doors and enclosures (including glass shower doors), mirrors (including custom mirrors or framed mirrors from Virginia Mirrors), and bathroom fixtures and hardware.

We also offer after-paint products for other areas of your home besides the bathroom. We perform window blind installation, offer building and installation of closet organization systems (which we really like and believe you will too), install door hardware from Delany and Better Home Products, and also do custom shelving – which can be an after-paint finishing touch you simply won’t want to miss. Whatever your after-paint product or other needs, we offer so much more than just insulation! Call the 31-W Insulation location near you.