Today’s Top Trends for Bathroom Mirrors

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Bathroom mirrors are a must-have necessity in any bathroom. Whether you use the mirror to do makeup, do your hair, or brush your teeth, bathroom mirrors are a household item that is used daily. If you are looking to build a new home or start a home renovation project, you will likely be purchasing and installing bathroom mirrors.

installing bathroom mirrors with vintage-looking gold

Bathroom mirrors can come in all different shapes, finishes, sizes, textures, colors and styles. A bathroom mirror is a great way to express your personal style, and/or create a unique look in your bathroom. Some of today’s hottest trends are:

  • Industrial Chic: Industrial chic describes a style of décor that utilizes finishes, materials, and styles from old-school industrial factories. Some describe this style to be masculine, warm, and even sexy. Elements used in this style trend include brick, cement, metal, glass, and raw wood. Bathroom mirrors with the industrial chic style include mirrors with black iron or raw wood frames.
  • Vintage: Home and business owners are taking a page out of their grandma’s (or great-grandma’s) decorating book and installing bathroom mirrors with vintage-looking gold or brass framed mirrors. These bathroom mirrors are often paired with other vintage-inspired gold and brass bathroom hardware.
  • Storage-Focused: For the practical homeowner, bathroom mirrors that include some type of storage in their design are a great fit. Now, you may be picturing the clunky medicine-cabinet-mirrors of the past; that is not what we are talking about. Today’s trend or storage bathroom mirrors encompass beautiful textiles, can be completely hidden, and enable help modern bathrooms feel less cluttered and more minimalistic.