Key Places to Add Extra Insulation in Your Home

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For optimal energy efficiency, your home should boast adequate insulation from the attic down to the basement. If you feel like your home is drafty, uncomfortable (especially in certain rooms or areas), and it lacks as much efficiency as it could have, you may want to assess your insulation in these key areas throughout your home:

  • The attic—In most cases, loose-fill or batt insulation is recommended for your attic. If your attic lacks enough insulation, any heated air that rises due to your HVAC system’s efforts will be lost to the atmosphere. Attic insulation essentially acts like a hat for your home that keeps air from escaping.

Key Places to Add Extra Insulation in Your Home

  • Within your ductwork—Are the ducts in your home in an unconditioned space? If so, it’s a good idea to not only seal them, but insulate them as well. This will prevent significant energy loss on an ongoing basis.
  • Exterior walls—This one may seem obvious, but you may be surprised at how often exterior walls lack enough insulation. If you plan to remodel your home in the near future and your wall cavities will be open at any point, then would be the time to enhance your insulation amounts within your walls.
  • The basement—With a properly-insulated basement, you can save money on heating while also creating a dry, comfortable living space.

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