Custom Mirror Products Can Light Up Any Room in Your Chattanooga Home

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Custom Mirror Chattanooga TNA custom mirror from 31-W Insulation can be the designer’s touch you’re looking for in your Chattanooga, Tennessee, home. In fact, interior designers know that a beautifully crafted and carefully placed mirror can serve numerous aesthetic and practical purposes. For example, we offer mirrors in dimensions up to 96-by-144, perfect if you want a large vanity mirror in your bathroom with as few seams as possible. We also offer decorative options like beveled edges and beautiful frames, resulting in mirrors so attractive they could almost be works of art, suitable for your formal sitting and dining rooms. In fact, no matter what kind of custom mirror you need, you’ll be sure to find it at 31-W.

What makes our custom mirror products much more special than other mirrors you could buy at any store in Chattanooga? For one thing, they are manufactured by Gardner Glass Products, a company that has spent 50 years perfecting the mirror-making process using high-quality materials. Benefits include:

  • Reflections with truer skin tones, vibrant colors, and a sharper focus
  • No inconsistencies or distortions that can result in a warped reflection
  • Mirrors available in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, shapes, and finish options, including an attractive antique look
  • And more

Additionally, when 31-W installs your mirrors, you can be sure they will be mounted with care and precision.

For more information about the benefits of purchasing a custom mirror from 31-W Insulation for your home in Chattanooga, TN, contact 31-W Insulation today.