Create a Cozy Environment in Your Bowling Green Home with an Electric Fireplace

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Electric Fireplace Bowling Green KY A fireplace can not only help create a cozy environment, but it also makes for a stylish centerpiece. Having a traditional fireplace, though, means you must purchase or collect wood for it, tend the fire while it’s burning, and remove the ashes after it’s finished. With an electric fireplace from 31-W Insulation, however, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace without the maintenance at your Bowling Green area residence.

At 31-W Insulation, we always strive to provide our customers with top-of-the-line products, and that’s why we offer electric fireplaces from the industry leader Atria Fireplaces®. All these fireplaces can provide 5,000 BTU of heat to any room and warm it up on the coldest of days. You can easily get the fire going by turning on the fireplace manually or by using a remote control. Since the fire is generated electrically, you can also choose the flame height and adjust the color of the flames to suit your preference. You’ll have a log set, though, to create the look of a real fireplace. And any electric fireplace that you order will have a sleek and stylish appearance that will make for an impressive sight in any room.

Enjoy a World-Class Customer Experience with 31-W Insulation

We’ll handle the installation of your electric fireplace as well. For every project, we also have our highly trained professionals – not subcontractors – complete the job to ensure that it’s done properly. Our company will also provide exceptional customer service for you every step of the way.

Make your living room or any room in your Bowling Green-area home more comfortable and stylish with an electric fireplace. Contact 31-W Insulation today to learn more about the fireplaces we offer.