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Foam Insulation Nicholasville, KYFoam Insulation could be just the investment you need to make in your Nicholasville, KY, home to save money and create a more comfortable living environment for your family, and the professionals at 31-W Insulation are the experts to call. We have been helping homeowners with insulation and other home improvement needs since 1972, and we can provide you with the same superior service.

Spray foam insulation is composed of chemicals that go on as a liquid and quickly hardens to a surface that provides your home with an impermeable barrier between you and the outdoor environment. Depending on the type of foam insulation you choose, you will see cost savings in your Nicholasville home because the liquid insulation seeps into tiny nooks and crannies and seals the holes that allow your conditioned air to escape. You will also benefit from a reduction in the amount of outdoor allergens like dust and pollutants that can enter your home. This will create a healthier breathing environment that can benefit allergy and asthmas sufferers. Additionally, that same barrier reduces the amount of outdoor noise that can infiltrate your walls, creating a quieter home environment.

There are different types of spray foam insulation that provide benefits to help you save money and live in a quieter home environment, including:

  • Closed-cell – offers a built-in air and moisture barrier that insulates and waterproofs at the same time
  • Open-cell – gives homeowners an air barrier that results in energy savings, reduced moisture flow, and reduced outdoor air noise
  • Green-foam – an open-cell spray foam that uses renewable and recyclable products to provide you with high-performing insulating and noise reduction benefits

31-W Insulation is experienced, trained, and licensed to handle the installation of all of these spray insulation products. Contact us today to learn more about installing foam insulation in your Nicholasville, Kentucky, home.