3 Signs You Don’t Have Enough Attic Insulation

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If a builder or contractor is going to take shortcuts when building a home, it will likely be with the insulation, especially the garage or attic insulation. They might provide enough insulation to make it seem sufficient to the untrained eye, but nearly 90% of homes are actually under-insulated.

3 Signs You Don’t Have Enough Attic Insulation

Here are three signs that you might not have sufficient attic insulation.

  1. Insufficient heating and cooling: If you find that you are never able to get your home, specifically the upper levels, warm or cool enough during the winter and summer, no matter how high or low you set the thermostat or how many times you inspect or replace your HVAC system, it’s a good sign you have insufficient attic insulation. The hot or cold temperatures from outside will leak in through your poorly insulated attic and cause your heater or AC to go into overdrive to fix the problem.
  2. Higher energy bills: When your HVAC system is working overtime to try to balance the temperature levels in your home, it will cause a major increase in your energy bills. Chances are that once you have additional attic insulation installed, you’ll notice a drop in your bills.
  3. Pest issues: If you have insects and rodents coming into your home without any noticeable way in, they could be coming from your attic. Insufficient attic insulation can allow for easy entry points for such pests, but more attic insulation can add another layer for them to struggle to get through.

These are just three of the most noticeable signs that you might have insufficient attic insulation. If you think you might not have enough insulation, reach out to us at 31-W Insulation.