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Efficient and easy to install, blown insulation is an excellent type of insulation.

When you think of insulation, you probably envision large, pink, and fluffy sheets either in a roll or within a wall cavity. Although this is a type of insulation, another form of insulation you may not be as familiar with is blown insulation. Made from small shreds of fiberglass, blown insulation is placed in a large tool with a pump designed to evenly fill in awkward or hard-to-reach areas within a building.

Blown Insulation in Columbus, Ohio

At 31-W Insulation, we recommend blown insulation for many projects in Columbus, Ohio for a variety of reasons. First, blown insulation has the capacity to greatly increase efficiency in different spaces, like crawlspaces and attics. This can help you cut back on utility spending and make your home more consistently comfortable.

Second, blown insulation is relatively easy to install. To place it properly, you don’t have to cut, pierce, or bend any building materials – all you have to do is point the pipe in the right direction and feed the insulation through! As a result, it doesn’t take much time to install new blown insulation.

How to Prepare for Blown Insulation Installation

At 31-W Insulation, we believe the key to customer satisfaction is communication. This is why we will always inform you about what to expect for any project that we’ll be doing at your Columbus, Ohio home. While even each blown insulation project is different from one home to another, there are some tips we’d like to offer you for preparing for blown insulation installation.

  • Preparing for blown insulation in the attic. Moving about the attic to install your blown insulation can cause a bit of vibration to occur in the rooms below. While this isn’t excessive, we do recommend that you remove anything fragile or things hanging on the wall that may not be securely fastened. You should also be sure that the path is clear to the attic access point.
  • Leave space for our equipment. The hoses used for blown insulation make it necessary for us to have close access to your front or back door to feed them through to the attic or wherever we’ll be installing your blown insulation.
  • Clear the area where we will be installing. During your initial consultation, we’ll let you know the best access point for your blown insulation project. For example, if we’ll be placing the material inside one of your walls, we’ll let you know what items near it should be moved out of the way so that we can do the work and not risk damaging them.
  • Treat it like any work site and keep children and pets out of harm’s way. While what we do isn’t particularly dangerous, it is best not to get in the way so that your project isn’t disrupted or delayed. 

Third, blown insulation is an extremely effective form of insulation. In some cases, it’s more effective than batt insulation because it can cover expanses without leaving any gaps.

Are you ready to make your home in Columbus more comfortable and efficient? We’re happy to tell you more about blown insulation. Contact us at 31-W Insulation to schedule your assessment and estimate! 

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