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Take a look at a few foam insulation benefits.

There are many varieties to choose from when it comes to insulating your home or building. One of the best types of insulation that our company offers is foam insulation, including products from Johns Manville, Demilec USA, and Icynene. You should be aware of all the foam insulation benefits out there so you can make a better decision whether or not foam insulation is right for you.

Foam Insulation Benefits in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Take a look at this brief list of foam insulation benefits:

  • Tight seals: If you want your insulation to be effective, you need to make sure your insulation is tightly sealed. Otherwise, the warm or cool air that you want to keep in will leak out and result in the loss of other benefits that are listed below. Foam insulation expands to fit the space it’s applied in, which then creates an airtight seal that you can rely on.
  • Long lifespan: Most insulation lasts for a long time, but this is especially true for foam insulation. Foam insulation can last an indefinite number of years and doesn’t break down as quickly as other types of insulation.
  • Energy efficiency: One of the biggest benefits of insulation in general is the decrease in energy bills. When you choose foam insulation, its airtight seal allows you to easily retain your heated and cooled air. This, in turn, results in reduced utility bills, since your heater or AC doesn’t have to work as hard.

Foam insulation benefits often exceed other types of insulation. If you’re ready to upgrade your Chattanooga, Tennessee home, give us a call here at 31-W Insulation today!

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