With an Electric Fireplace in Your Nashville Home, Relaxation is Easy

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Electric Fireplace Nashville TNIf you’ve ever wanted a cozy fireplace in your Nashville, TN, home but have been put off by the thought of having to collect wood and clean up the ashes and soot the fire creates, you’ll be happy to know that an electric fireplace is a wonderful alternative. 31-W Insulation offers and installs electric fireplaces made by industry leader Astria®. These stylish units allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional fireplace without any of the prepping and maintenance.

A No-Fuss Fireplace

A fireplace invites people to gather around, kick back, and relax.  If there’s too much work involved in keeping the fire going, it can ruin the experience. With an electric fireplace from 31-W Insulation, your relaxation is assured because these models are exceptionally easy to operate. A simple push of a button on the unit turns it on and off. For added convenience, you can also use a remote control. Additionally, these fireplaces:

  • Deliver up to 5,000 BTU of heat, enough to warm up any room
  • Are available in several different styles, so you can find a model that suits your tastes
  • Allow you to adjust the flame height and color to create the type of fire you want
  • Make cleanup unnecessary because they produce no ash and soot

31-W Insulation makes it easy to start enjoying these benefits. We can schedule a no-obligation consultation at your Nashville home to review all your options. Once you’ve chosen the electric fireplace you want, our factory-trained installers will install it with expert precision to ensure that it works flawlessly from day one.

Want more information about the wonders of our electric fireplaces? Contact 31-W Insulation today.