We Install Gorgeous Glass Shower Doors for Homeowners in Knoxville

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Glass Shower Doors Knoxville TNOne of the surest ways to transform your bathroom is to replace your dull or outdated glass shower doors with eye-catching replacements. That’s because shower doors are usually the largest fixtures in the room and, as such, are often its focal point. If you think the shower enclosure in your Knoxville home is a focal point that makes guests want to focus on something else, don’t worry. 31-W Insulation has the perfect solution: our sleek and stately glass showers doors.

Understated Sophistication

Our seamless glass showers door are a favorite among homeowners who want to make a design statement that doesn’t overwhelm. The minimal framing of these doors draws the eye to their beautiful, clean lines, which will also allow for deeper appreciation of your shower’s fixtures and decorative tilework. What’s more, our seamless shower doors are customizable with options such as:

  • A range of patterned glass designs
  • Glass widths between one-half and three-eighths of an inch
  • Hinged, sliding, or fixed door options

For homeowners who want a more budget-friendly bathroom redesign, 31-W Insulation also offers semi-frameless and framed shower doors. Both models include the same customizable features as the seamless style, and share its premium quality. Also, they both feature robust aluminum framing. Our framed models offer extra strength with thicker mounts around all panels and doors. As an interesting design element, our semi-frameless doors incorporate low-profile framing around glass panels but leave the door entirely frameless.

If you want more information about the glass shower doors we offer to homeowners throughout Knoxville, contact 31-W Insulation today.