Is the Attic Insulation in Your Memphis, TN, Home Ready to Be Replaced?

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Attic Insulation Memphis TNAttic insulation replacement is often one of the last things homeowners will consider when thinking of renovations their homes need. However, if any part of your home in Memphis, Tennessee, has improper insulation, it can lead to multiple problems in the future, some of which you might not expect. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the insulation in your attic is up to date and performing properly, especially if you’re working on a major home renovation.

Old, outdated, or inadequate insulation in the attic of your Memphis, TN, home can potentially lead to issues with:

  • Temperature – Without proper protection against heat transfer, it can be hard to keep a consistent temperature in your home.
  • Energy efficiency – Because it will struggle in maintaining a consistent temperature, your HVAC system will use up more energy and cause an increase in your electricity bill.
  • Health – If water has somehow gotten into your insulation, it can cause it to mold or mildew, leading to an influx of spores throughout the house that not only smell bad, but can be toxic.
  • Noise – Insulation also plays a major part in preventing outside noise from disturbing the peace inside your home, so without it, you may experience more unwanted noises than you should.

Fortunately, if you live in the Memphis area of Tennessee, you can rely on 31-W Insulation to ensure that your attic is properly insulated, as well as the rest of your house. Our own professional team of expert installers – not subcontractors – will assess your home’s insulation and replace any that is old, deteriorating, or moldy.

If you’re interested in having our team replace the attic insulation in your Memphis, TN, home, contact 31-W Insulation today to schedule a free consultation.