7 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Old Garage
Door [infographic]

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Deep down, you probably feel like it’s time to update and replace your garage door, but you might have told yourself it works well enough, so there’s no reason to purchase a new one. At 31-W Insulation, we understand where you’re coming from, but we highly recommend replacing your old garage door if you notice any of these signs.

7 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door [infographic]

1.   Your garage door opens and closes slowly—Does your garage door take an eternity to open or close? Certain parts may not be working correctly, indicating the need for replacement.

2.  Increased noise from your garage door—A garage door that works like it should will operate relatively quietly. If your garage door makes loud, obnoxious noises, think about replacement.

3.  Your garage door is lacking safety/security—If your garage door is unsafe and unreliable, replacing it is beneficial for the sake of protecting your family’s safety and security.

4.  You want to give your home a fresh new look—A new garage door can make a big difference in terms of your home’s curb appeal, especially if you’re trying to sell.

5.  You want your garage door to boast the latest technology—Today, garage doors and openers come with tons of high-tech features, so if you feel like you’re missing out, replacing your garage door is a good option.

6.  You’re tired of paying for garage repairs—Do you feel like your garage door breaks down every time you turn around? Stop paying so much for repairs, and call us about replacement instead.

7.  Your home isn’t as efficient lately—If you’ve noticed your heating or cooling bills are higher than normal, there could be something wrong with your garage door’s insulation or weather stripping.