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A gas fireplace that uses gas logs provides the look of wood without needing to chop firewood.

There are two types of gas fireplaces you could choose for your Johnson City, Tennessee home. One has a flickering flame that emits from a sparkling bed of tempered glass chips, but many people prefer the more genuine look of gas logs that mimic the look of a real wood fire. It is like the best of both worlds, as you can enjoy the dance of the flames while enjoying the convenience a gas fireplace provides. Here at 31-W Insulation, we are happy to discuss all the types of fireplaces we offer, including electric, wood-burning, and gas fireplaces using gas logs, so you can make an informed decision about what works best for your situation.

Gas Logs in Johnson City, Tennessee

Gas logs come in many different styles, so you can select one that fits your idea of the wood species you would use if you were to have a wood-burning unit. They are generally made of a ceramic material that can be fashioned to look like everything from oak to driftwood. How the logs are configured can also vary, with the logs aligned or crisscrossed.

In addition, there are both vented and ventless options, with each having its advantages. Vented gas logs are generally more authentic in appearance while ventless gas logs are more efficient, saving you on fuel costs while avoiding the need for a functioning chimney.

If you are interested in having a gas fireplace installed at your home and choosing the ideal gas logs for your style preference, give us a call to learn more about what can be accomplished. You could be enjoying the clean beauty and warmth of gas logs before you know it!

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