Your home’s rain-carrying system is designed to catch rainwater and snow melt from the roof and funnel it into the downspouts, which direct it away from the foundation. An ineffective rain-carrying system can lead to big problems such as wet basements, cracked and eroding foundations, or damaged siding or landscaping. To avoid such problems, make sure your gutters are installed properly, have no leaks, and are free of debris which can clog downspouts.

Spectra MetalSpectra Metal Sales moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1992, and transformed our manufacturing and distribution from a small regional supplier into the premier manufacturer and distributor of painted and copper rainware products in North America.

Spectra Metal Sales, Inc. has eighteen regional locations to service your needs and improve your business. We are the fastest growing, most aggressive company in an established and stable industry.

With customers throughout North America, the Caribbean and the UK, we are your market leader in the aluminum rainware industry.