When is Foam Insulation the Right Choice in Your Tampa, FL, Home? 3 Things to Consider

Foam Insulation Tampa FLIf you’re interested in installing foam insulation in your home in Tampa, Florida, or any other surrounding area in the Sunshine State, there are some important things you should know. While the initial costs of installing spray foam is more expensive than conventional insulation materials, many homeowners see a return on their investment and significant savings in other areas after the installation of spray foam.

Here are 3 things to consider before installing foam insulation in your Tampa home:

  1. Energy expenditure – Think about your heating and, more importantly, your cooling bills. Have they gone through the roof over the last few years? If you’re spending more money to keep your home comfortable but still find yourself fiddling with the thermostat, foam insulation may be the right choice for you because there is no other insulation material available that has a higher R-Value.
  2. Moisture concerns – Living in Florida, you know how humid it can get. When outdoor humidity meets indoor conditioned air in conventional insulation, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold or mildew. Spray foam is a non-permeable, inert product, which means it cannot support the growth of harmful organisms.
  3. Cost of replacement – Sure, the initial expense of installing spray foam is higher than other types of insulation, but consider the fact that because it will never degrade, sag, or settle, you will never have to pay for new insulation again. This can result in overall savings when you invest in polyurethane spray foam.

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