Foam is part of our new line of insulations products. Foam is designed to be a quick and cost effective solution for insulation commercial and residential areas. We have multiple vendors to choose from: Demilec, CertainTeed – CertaSpray, Knauf – EcoSeal, and CoreFoam who supply us with our foam formulas.

Demilec (USA) ProductsDemilec (USA) Products

Demilec (USA) LLC develops and manufactures some of the most popular and highest-performing foam polyurethane and polyurea products in the world. We complement these items with world-class training services and auxiliary products that provide a complete, top-of-the-line set of professional tools and equipment.

Following our commitment to environmental protection and improvement, Demilec (USA) has supplemented SEALECTION® 500, our premium spray foam insulation, with more Green foam insulation products that are based in renewable and recyclable products. Our Green insulations provide superior performance and durability that far exceeds the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

CertaSpray™ Closed Cell FoamCertaSpray™ Closed Cell Foam

CertaSpray closed cell foam insulation is the newest addition to the complete line of quality insulation Products from CertainTeed. As an all-in-one insulation air sealing system, CertaSpray foam insulation is designed to solve your extreme insulation requirements.

CertaSpray foam is appropriate for whole house applications or in combination with fiber glass, and is supported by the CertainTeed Building Science Professionals. These professionals experts in recommending the best performing thermal envelopes. Best of all, you get it all from an insulation leader you already know and trust – CertainTeed.

Knauf Insulation EcoSeal™ Water-Based Elastomeric SealantKnauf Insulation EcoSeal™
Water-Based Elastomeric Sealant

EcoSeal dries to a flexible but tough film that forms an effective, continuous and affordable air barrier in the penetrations and joints of your building envelope, including exterior walls, attics and floors. EcoSeal is easy to use and cleans up with water, so all you have to do is spray and walk away.

cfiFOAMcfiFoam Inc., Injection Foam Products

cfiFOAM supplies the most technically advanced injection foam insulation products and equipment on the market today. cfiFOAM products are a 2-part foam system that combine a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst to produce a “dry” foam that is unmatched in the industry.