FMI Products IncA FMI Direct-Vent Fireplace gives you the attractiveness of a real wood burning fireplace with the economy, convenience and warmth of a direct-vent gas space heating. No expensive chimney is required so installation is a fraction of the cost of installing a wood burning fireplace. Plus, heating with a FMI Direct-Vent Fireplace means you’ll never again be left in the cold with wet logs or without heat during an electrical power outage.

Direct-Vent fireplaces, unlike other types of fireplaces, do not affect indoor air quality and are ideally suited for today’s energy efficient, tightly constructed homes. The flames burn in a sealed combustion firebox, so the room air does not come in contact with the flames. The sealed firebox requires the fireplace to draw outside air to the fire for combustion. This is accomplished by using a concentric vent system which is actually a pipe within a pipe. Outside air is drawn to the burners through an outer pipe, while exhaust gases are expelled through a smaller inner pipe.

Room air is heated as it circulates through the top louvers. The flames, glowing embers and logs also radiate heat through the glass into the room generating additional warmth.