Signs that the Attic Insulation in Your Louisville, KY, Home May Need to Be Replaced

Attic Insulation Louisville KYProper attic insulation is important for making sure that your home in Louisville, Kentucky, can easily maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. If your attic is inadequately insulated, it can lead to higher energy bills due to your HVAC system having to struggle to regulate the temperature in your home. This may also result in more frequent repair needs for your HVAC system, which can be much more costly, especially in the long run, than having your home insulated correctly. If your attic has no insulation, it’s easy to see for yourself that you need to have some installed, but if the insulation is not performing as it ought to, it can be harder to determine whether or not you need to reinsulate.

One of the most easily noticeable signs that your home in Louisville, KY, may need new attic insulation is that the rooms never seem to stay at a comfortable temperature, especially when it’s particularly hot or cold outside. Another way to tell is that your HVAC system runs for hours on end, and your energy bills are higher than they seem like they should be. Of course, taking a look at the state of the insulating materials currently in your attic can help, as deteriorating, moldy, or uneven materials are all detrimental to your home’s ability to prevent heat transfer.

If you suspect that your attic may need new insulation, you can have the professionals at 31-W Insulation take care of the problem for you. We have been trusted throughout the southeastern U.S. for our insulation expertise since 1972, so you can be sure that we’re your best choice for assessing and replacing your home’s insulation.

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