About Us

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31-W Insulation serves contractors in the residential and commercial fields but will also serve the individual.  31-W Insulation represents the finest level of service and products.  31-W offers insulation, fireplaces, gutters siding, shelving, garage doors, shower enclosures, door and bath hardware, mirrors, and foam (block and interior walls).

31-W Insulation was started in 1972 in Millersville, Tennessee.  Today is still remains under family ownership.  31-W Insulation started with two locations: Goodlettsville, Tennessee and Clarksville, Tennessee.  In its 35 years of business, 31-W Insulation has grown into the second largest insulation company in the southeastern United States.  Today 31-W Insulation has over 40 locations in 12 states.  31-W employees over 600 people and is self sufficient in almost every aspect of its operation, including its own truck fleet for distribution of product from the manufacturers to all of its locations.